Nolan's Letter to Junior fan


Statement transcript from Ashwood City Chief-Exectuive Patrick Nolan:

“Look. I didn’t know it was a junior fan. Yes it was a deeply abusive letter, and yes a number of shirts (NOW £35 in the club shop!) have been sent out to certain members of the fanbase who - I feel - have consistently and unapologetically criticised not only my performance but that of the team. Both equally as bad as each other.


Louis Matheson is a loyal member of the fanbase and didn’t deserve to be called what I called him. I also regret using colourful language to defend our transfer policy. I love our junior supporters and see them as valuable contributors to the club. But let me just say this - and I’m gonna say it, and I’m aware of how it looks to defend my position after sending verbally abusive post to junior supporters - but last time Louis was at a game he not only revealed a banner that said ‘No More Nolan’…

He also; waited until I was leaving the ground in my car, pretended to be a big fan of my work and asked me to sign something. I complied. He then proceeded to unfold the signed paper and revealed it to be a contract confirming that I am a ‘Massive Bellend’. Obviously my signature sealing this faux-legal-conjecture was deeply embarrassing.

Now. It’s clear there are two victims here. I’ll let you be the judge of who is more deserving of the apology. But I am putting mine on record. Louis - I apologise for the letter. Ok? Is that everything? Good. Shirts are still available. Sorry about the abusive letters they come with. Otherwise it’s £35 very well spent.”