One of our finest results of the season has culminated in one of the biggest upsets in European football. Man City may have tested us on a record number of occasions but we rose to the challenge every time and answered that test.

The opening goal was an impressive 25 yard strike from Bernardo Silva that pinged in off the post, Riviere was unlucky as the crowded penalty area didn't make his life easier. He made up for it after that however as he produced a man of the match performance and kept the hosts at bay for the rest of the second half.

Just as Man City's pressured hit boiling point, their defensive responsibilities collapsed in the final seconds of the game and a hefty clearance from Marco Nipic had Ivan Lloyd sprinting free of the Man City backline. He was left in a one on one with Ederson who he managed to coolly deceive with a deft touch and pass the ball into an open goal.

We stunned the champions into silence and we march on to Leicester City at home on Boxing Day! Undefeated in two games! Bring it on.